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Must Visit Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Published On April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

Located in the beautiful Rose Garden neighborhood of San Jose, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is a great place to explore and expand your knowledge about Ancient Egypt. Harvey Spencer Lewis was the founder of this impressive museum. His collection started out with only one small artifact which was a small Sekhmet statue. Around 1921, Harvey donated finances to the archaeological excavations at Tel el Amarna, who in return donated several Egyptian antiques to AMROC. After Harvey Lewis toured through Egypt, the size of his collection started to skyrocket containing over 2000 artifacts thanks to an abundance of donations. Harvey chose the San Jose area supposedly because the price of land back then was cheaper compared to today’s economy. His son took over the business and built many other buildings for the museum around 1966. The museum back then had the largest exhibition of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts in the Western United States. It was the only museum whose architecture was inspired by Ancient Egypt. This museum also has a planetarium built right next to it for visitors to enjoy. Along with having the museum themed after Ancient Egypt and the architecture inspired by it, the Museum was constructed on an Egyptian Revival Park, and all of the public is very appreciative of this historic education building.

Visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum every weekend at 12:30 for one of the day workshops that are hosted. The workshops that are available are the Artifact Handling, Cosmetics, Hieroglyph, Jewelry, Mummification, Perfume, Rosetta Stone, Scavenger Hunt, Senet Workshop, and the Tomb Tour. The museum also offers a Junior Archaeologist program- an enticing segment of this program is the Afterlife Sleepover, where the children get to sleepover in the museum with artifacts, and even a mummy.

There is an alchemy Museum, where kids can interact with centuries-old alchemical manuscripts. This exhibit has a working alchemy lab, and is the first of its kind, and the first like it in America. 

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