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Visit California’s Great America
Published On June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

California’s Great America

California’s Great America is located in Santa Clara, California. The park itself stretches across a one hundred acre plot of land and is filled to the brim with food, games, rides, and lots of fun. California’s Great America is not only just an amusement park, as it also has an additional water park on the property called Boomerang Bay.

Thrill Rides

There are many different rides to choose from at California’s Great America, but the available thrill rides are always a popular fan favorite. Great America’s top-rated thrill rides are Demon, Patriot, Railblazer, and more. 

The popular thrill ride named Demon was unveiled to the public in 1976, formerly called Turn of the Century, and was one of Great America’s original attractions. The coaster was then modified in 1980 from the addition of two extra loops to the track as well as the Demon Cave just after the initial drop. In order to be able to ride Demon, guests must be at least forty-eight inches in height or taller. 

Another exciting ride, the Patriot features a floorless design which makes it so that guests are able to view the track below their feet as they speed along at forty-five miles per hour. Patriot takes its riders up to a soaring ninety-one feet in the air before dropping the car into a 360-degree loop. Those who wish to ride on the Patriot must be at least fifty-four inches in height or taller. Local visitors of California’s Great America state that this ride is perfect for Bay Area thrill seekers. 

Finally, Railblazer is one of the most recently added attractions to Great America’s list of thrill rides and it features a single-rail steel track. Because of how the track and seating are arranged, riders are positioned so they are straddling the track which makes it so there is a smaller center-of-gravity. Because of the narrowed center-of-gravity, traveling along the twists and turns of the track are enhanced. Railblazer has an impressive total of one thousand eight hundred feet of track, travels at a top speed of fifty-two miles per hour, reaches heights of one hundred and six feet, can seat eight passengers at a time, and requires passengers to be a minimum height of forty-eight inches tall in order to gain entry.

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