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Visit the Cupertino Memorial Park
Published On May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

Sunnyvale, California is a gorgeous place to visit for anyone looking to explore the beautiful Cupertino Memorial Park. Of all Sunnyvale attractions, the Cupertino Memorial Park is one of the most stunning. This 28 acre park features many gorgeous monuments and frequently hosts events. There are many service centers in the park to accommodate to your needs, as well as many structures and areas constructed to make your visit to the Cupertino Park exciting and memorable.

About the Cupertino Memorial Park

The history of Cupertino can be found in the Cupertino Community Center of the Cupertino Memorial Park. The city was established in 1776 by Captain Juan Bautista de Anza as a fort, and was later developed into an official city is the late 1800’s. The early history of Cupertino is deeply tied to Spanish colonization, and later on focuses on agricultural and economic growth o the city after a large increase in population. This growth wreaked havoc on the natural environment and obscured the namesakes and original landmarks within the Cupertino area. More information on these landmarks and names can be found at the Cupertino Community Center.

There are plenty of things to do while visiting the Cupertino Memorial Park. Many who come to the area come to picnic, or to gaze at the pond from the beautifully constructed gazebo in the park. There is also an amphitheatre, tennis courts, and a softball field within the park, providing all sorts of activities for everyone visiting. The Cupertino Veterans Memorial, erected to honor the local veterans in the area, is also an area where many come to pay respects to those who served this country valiantly.

There are 3 centers available to those visiting the Cupertino Memorial Park: the Cupertino Community Center, the Cupertino Senior Center, the Cupertino Sports Center, and the Quinlan Community Center. As a highlight of the park, these centers are available to provide all those visiting with more information about the park and the resources it provides to all those visiting. In addition to this, the Comfort Inn Sunnyvale is located only nine minutes away from the park, making it the perfect place to stay at while in Sunnyvale. In comparison to other hotels in Sunnyvale, the Comfort Inn Sunnyvale provides guest amenities and friendly customer service, as well as the lowest rates available when you book your stay directly online.

Located near De Anza College Community Education, the Cupertino Memorial Park is open from sunrise until 10 p.m. daily.

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